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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  October 30, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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as we get ready for the world series parade tomorrow i'm tracking wet weather that could make for soggy conditions. an arrest made nearly 100- miles away from the crime scene. who helped police get an arrest in the deadly road rage shooting of a mother of four.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> very early this morning the world series champions returned to the bay area. the team came from kansas city around 4:00 this morning and were greeted at at&t park by hundreds of fans. as the players headed for their cars larry bear carried if trophy down the line of fans to let them share in the moment. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. the giants have once again brought home the commissioner's trophy. sandoval in foul territory. giants win. >> with a tieing run at third bumgarner got perez to pop up to seal the giants victory. bumgarner pitched five innings of just two days rest.
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he was credited with a save. jeremy earns the win. >> reporter: how tired are you right now? >> right now i'm not tired at all. we just won the world series. it's hard to be tired right now. >> a double play by the amazing stop and toss to second. the runner at first was originally called safe. the call was overturned. sandoval had three hits in in the game and 26 hits this post season which is a major league record. we gear up for the world series parade tomorrow. sal and mark will have key information including the forecast. begin with tara moriarty. good afternoon tara. >> reporter: good afternoon. police say they made 46 arrest. majority of those were for being drunk in public and a
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handful for assault and battery. there is fresh graffiti on the said of this building. it is on brick, doors and even on windows, remnants of what went down here last night. >> you guys have got to go back behind the vehicles. [ shouting ] >> reporter: the mayhem broke out near the ballpark. they lit bonfires in the streets. many hurled bottles at officers. three had to be treated at the hospital for injuries. two people were shot and expected to survive. one man was stabbed and is in serious condition. they received a message right after the game that the freeways were packed with people headed into san francisco, a message that translated into trouble for the police department. >> for the clowns that came to san francisco to act out, i guess you just don't know what
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it's like to have a good time without being a jerk. i will tell you that it was the minority. 99.9% of the people came to san francisco came to celebrate to win did so spectacularly. >> early this morning public works crew tried to spray down a lot of graffiti and wash it off. they called 1% disgraceful saying it made the whole city look bad. he called firefighters response to putting out the fires heroic. nine police cars were vandalized. they beefed up about 20% last night. they will do the same tomorrow. a very very busy tomorrow. i'm tara, ktvu channel 2 news. sal castaneda joins us live with what you need to know about getting to the parade.
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there have been enormous crowds in years past, right sal? >> reporter: exactly. the last few years 2012 and 2010 this street was packed. we are here at the very beginning of the celebration. i want to show you what we saw just a moment ago. a few moments ago we saw the barricades going up and the signs. no parking signs all along market street. it will continue up to the civic center making a turn. city officials are urging you as always to take public transportation to the city. barrel says it learned a few things from the parade crowds in 2010 and 2012. >> things like having tables set up to sell tickets, making sure we have enough staff in place to help get people through those turnstiles so there's not really long lines, making sure they are getting on escalators. those are the type of things we learned. >> reporter: another plus, bart says it will run until 2:00
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a.m. saturday morning and have long trains all day long. in 2012 it served more than 560,000 commuters on parade day. they have extra routes to make sure everyone will be served. bart recommends getting dropped off and walking or riding a bike to the train station. police will be strictly enforcing parking leglations. this being the third parade since 2010 it's easy to find parade veterans with advice. >> get here early and stay here late. it's going to be a mad house. there will be people everywhere. take public transit if you can. >> reporter: as you take a look at the ferry building this whole area down here will be ground zero. people like to come down here and get the first view of the players coming through. other people like to come up to civic center. about the only thing i can see
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that might be a challenge is getting a restroom. here is another thing, the parade is on halloween. people on halloween just doing traffic as long as i have, people want to get home early so the trains leaving the city tomorrow at 3:00 will be jam packed with fans exiting the parade and parents trying to get home to have trick or treat with their kids. it will be a challenge getting out of the city. give yourself plenty of extra time and make con ten general city plans. ktvu channel 2 news. >> and you'll be covering it tomorrow for us. >> all right. thank you. >> reporter: i will. we'll get a look at some of the floats. there will be lots of orange and black to celebrate the giants as well as halloween. fans heading out to the parade probably need to have their black and orange panchos
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and umbrellas. >> yes. rain drops to talk about. we are all excited about the giants winning the world series. now we are looking at october 31st. we do have a system lining up on shore that will produce rainfall tomorrow morning. here is the forecast, rain likely. it will be cooler as well, temperatures in the lower 60s. the forecast model explains it best. we'll take a look and put it into motion. look what happens at 10:00. rainfall rates will be picking up mid-morning friday. there is a chance we could have an isolated thunderstorm. the parade starts at 12:00 between 12:00 and 1:00. rainfall pushing into san francisco. it will be spreading to the south later on friday into friday night. we are going to see a changing weather pattern by midday friday. we are talking about rain drops that will be a factor for the parade. you can always talk about it
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adding a memorable quality. it will be the chance with rain chance on the increase. >> thank you. we'll have live coverage of the parade. the parade starts at 12:00 noon. our coverage starts at 11:00 and still ahead we'll have much more coverage of the giants world series win including a rush to get championship apparel, how much it is costing. and we have a special section dedicated to the giants world series victory. that's on look under the hot topics section for highlights and photos of the celebration. new developments in the suspected road rage shooting that killed a mother of four. a suspect is now in custody in sacramento county. carl debose was arrested last night after a stand off with police. investigators say he is
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responsible for death of 30- year-old pearla avena. they were driving home from the grocery store and some sort of confrontation occurred on 98th avenue. investigators tell us tips about the case and surveillance video helped police track down the suspect. >> we did extensive canvass. we pulled a significant amount of video pertaining to this investigation all of which was helpful. >> debose has not been charged but they found the gun they believe he used to shootavena. a patrol officer in serious condition after colliding with a car in oakland. it happened near martin luther king jr . way just after 10:00 this morning. the highway patrol tells us two motorcycle officers were pursuing an officer and one of them hit a nissan. two people who were in that car
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are also hospitalized. we are told the chp officer is a 17 year veteran. after the accident the highway patrol suspended the chase. the other officer was not hurt. police looking for three men who attempted to sexually assault a woman. it happened near else el camino. she was attacked inside a dumpster enclosure. three men threw her down. the woman screamed and the men ran a. she was treated for nonlife threatening injuries. apple ceo tim cook is now the highest profile ceo in the country to come out, the reason he made his first public comments about his sexuality. and a nurse who just returned home from treating able patients in west after --
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ebola patients in west africa now defying a quarantine.
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a nurse who helped treat ebola patients has defied a quarantine in maine. she went for a bike red with her boyfriend despite calls that asked a judge to order a
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mandatory quarantine for her. she was held in isolation in new jersey before being allowed to return to maine. one neighbor says she should observe the quarantine. >> why she is being so defiant i'm not sure. it is causing consternation here and people are trying to ask why she is not honoring it. stay in the quarantine until it's over and we are good. >> she said she has twice tested negative of ebola and has no symptoms. a stanford surgeon is now under quarantine. under state rules just announced yesterday travelers who have had close contact with ebola patients in west africa must be quarantined for 21 days upon their return to the u.s.. officials say dr. collin bucks has not develops any symptoms but has agreed to a voluntary
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quarantine. breaking news out of stockton where a judge just okayed a debt plan for the city. the decision allows the city to reorganize more than $900 million in long-term debt and it can use the plan to the chapter 9 protection which it saw in 2012. stockton was the largest bankrupt city isn't the nation before de -- in the nation before detroit filed last year. tim cook has publicly confirmed he is gay, making him the highest profile ceo in the country to come out. in an essay cook says he has been open about his sexuality with apple colleagues but has also tried to maintain his privacy. cook says quote while i have never denied my sexuality i have not publicly knowledged it either until now. so let me be clear. i am proud to be gay and i consider being gay long the
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greatest gifts god has given me. he wrote he felt his declaration could help others. a buying frenzy among those snapping up championship gear at stores throughout the area she paid a visit to see what business was like. >> reporter: it came early and they had money to spend. a steady stream of customers, the store opened at 6:00 a.m. and there were giants fans waiting to plunk down fist fulls of dollar bills for world series champions gear. this couple was the first to show up. >> we can't wait. my husband won't allow it. >> we couldn't sleep last night. >> reporter: it turned into a pile of strewn clothing. many wanted to wear the items
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to work today. >> i came here to get giants shirts for my daughters and i will call in sick tomorrow because i'm going to the parade. >> reporter: how are you feeling this morning? >> [ coughing ] >> a little sick. >> i don't care because i'm a loyal giants fan but i paid 105 for two shirts and one beanie. >> reporter: pretty steep. >> yes. >> reporter: money is no object? >> absolutely not. no. no. whatever it takes i'm going to get. >> reporter: it was welcomed business for this store. the grand opening statement was two days ago. word spread quickly. half a dozen more cashiers were called to work half way through the morning to help with all of the foot traffic. so far this is the best seller. there is this custom one,
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anything with giants pride. ktvu channel 2 news. bumgarner was named the most valuable player last night. he received a trophy and new truck. he will have to wait a while to drive that truck. the 2015 colorado is part of a general motors recall. it has driver air bag connections that were wired incorrectly during the manufacturing process. the world series parade tomorrow. crews will be stationed up and down the parade route. if you're away from the tv you won't miss a thing with our live streaming on well, today the transition day to the rainfall that will be moving into the bay area for tomorrow. high clouds as you can see here in our south bay camera.
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also cooler temperatures out there as well. here is the satellite prospective. sheer our cold front approaching the cold front. it will destabilize the atmosphere. there is a chance we could be tracking thunderstorms for your friday afternoon. right now scattered high clouds out there. current temperatures actually fairly mild. that's off to a warm start this morning. san jose checking in. san francisco in the lower 70s. next storm set to move in friday and saturday. rainfall expectations a safe bet, about a quarter of an inch to three quarters of an inch. winds approaching 30 miles per hour and the sierra will pick up snow with a winter storm watch kicking in friday into saturday morning. one more day of dry weather, a mild thursday. we'll cool things off. it's very toasty readings. 80s out there. area of cold pressure on the
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way. rain returns friday and sierra snow thinking accumulations could be on the order of about 4 to 8 inches. it is coming down to at least 4500 feet. here is our forecast model. tomorrow morning at 7:00 highest rain chance will be up in the north bay at 7:00. look what happens just in time for the parade, 12:00 and 1:00 the rainfall coverage spreading to the south. we could have a break for the trick or treaters possibly heading into friday evening with this diving to the south and east of the bay area. they could be tracking more scattered showers heading into saturday as well. just a chance of a few showers into saturday. as far as the halloween forecast we'll hold onto that. hopefully if it is correct the bulk of the rainfall will be sliding to the south and east of the region. highest chance i think would be in the bay. sun cloud mix. it will be mild to warm. temperatures mostly isn't the 70s for san jose and livermore. your five day forecast with
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your weekend always in view. there's your rain cloud for friday. chance of scattered showers and sunday will be cool and breezy. sunday we'll get a dry stay of the week. saturday not too bad as well but still showers out there. it's interesting we always talk about wanting the rainfall here in northern california. the one thing if we could push it back a little bit it will be coming in tomorrow. >> all right. we'll have to take it. >> all right. thanks. as trick or treaters get ready to head out the door there's a new tool for parents. we'll tell you what can pinpoint which neighbors and homes will have the best treats and no tricks.
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stocks are climbing this afternoon after visa, mastercard and other companies turned in strong quarterly results. visa stock is up over 10% right now. it's really helping the dow. right now the dow is up 182, nasdaq up 2 and s&p up 7. u.s. postal service expected a busy holiday season. postal workers estimate they will deliver 4 billion packages this year, that's up 8% from last year. ups and fed ex also expecting to see a big jump in deliveries. one reason for that is online shopping. amazon is adding 80,000 seasonal workers to help with the seasonal crush. some parents turning to
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technology to help their children fill their trick or treat bags. >> who are you supposed to be? >> mavis from hotel transylvania. >> parents say it will help avoid confusion and frustration on halloween night. >> they get kind of discouraged if they are standing there and no one is answering. we start walking down the street that doesn't have trick or treating we kind of wasted their energy. >> next door also created maps that show which are the hot neighborhoods for trick or treatings. the red zones have the most saying they plan to hand out candy. summers near santa rita road and santa clara in the south bay. san francisco getting ready to celebrate the giants and we are learning more about how police plan to keep the area safe plus some of the local
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people who will be performing in the parade tomorrow. all that tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 thanks for makings your choice for news. follow us on twitter and facebook. have a great day.
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up next on eco companies, meet goldie. she's a yellow beatle. but she's no ordinary car. >> ill think when we changed the license plate, gerdy became a volkswagen. >> gerdie has got something new under the hood because this fac family decided to green her up. plus, teens have the eco veteran. >> you need to teach kids how to save the planet, help the planet when they're really young. they're going to keep that tlout their life. >> these teens are going through their old stomping ground. then, jordan goes to nashville.


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